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Duane Johnson

The Man
Shepherd (Elder) Duane L. Johnson is a respected authority on self-empowerment and business development. He is an empowerment coach, professional development expert, relationship coach, trainer, teacher, spiritual advisor, and educator. His business acumen and management experience has allowed him to mentor and develop leaders in Fortune 500 organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Duane L. Johnson has been an active force in the financial industry for many years. While consistently excelling in highly visible positions, he managed, trained, coached and led employees up the corporate ladder. According to colleagues and business partners, he is a trusted source for professional and personal empowerment.

In Faith
Duane L. Johnson is a shepherd in the Lord’s church, Central Pointe’ Church Of Christ, in Dallas, Texas where he serves as the Director of Education and ministry leader for married couples. His motivating messages and thought provoking classes on Discovering Your Purpose and The Family Dynamic is unparalleled, transcending traditional barriers within the church and beyond.

In Business
Duane L. Johnson is the founder of Empowering Minds, LLC- a professional and personal empowerment firm, through which he provides personal and business development classes, coaching, mentoring, and professional leadership seminars and training. Johnson is also the CEO of B and J Staffing Corporation, a professional employment agency and the founder of a nonprofit corporation, The J4 Leadership Institute, a professional youth leadership development and mentoring organization.

In Empowerment Efforts
A devoted advocate for change, Duane L. Johnson facilitates weekly personal empowerment seminars and training to help former offenders transition back into society through family and marriage counseling, pre-employment counseling, and life skills training.

Through The J4 Leadership Institute, Johnson is able to make an impact in the lives of youth with mentoring and leadership training to educate, encourage, and empower them to become leaders in the home, church, and community. Johnson founded The J4 Leadership Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in 2008, to impact the lives of youth and families residing in historically underserved communities by providing exposure to careers, business professionals, and personal development.

In Humanitarian Efforts
Duane L. Johnson is known for being an advocate of those who are less fortunate and who struggle to help themselves. Johnson is an executive board member of MultiCultural Development Center (MCDC), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing well rounded, goal oriented programs that offer opportunities throughout the community to enrich the quality of life. Some of the programs offered are skills building seminars, resume building classes, business attire and etiquette classes, job fairs, health screening, financial literacy classes, and an annual back to school fair providing free school supplies, free haircuts, and beauty makeovers from professional hairstylists.

Duane L. Johnson and his wife of 25 years, LaJoyce Johnson, along with their two children, live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.