Welcome to Central Pointé Church of Christ

"Where Preaching, Power, Prayer & Praise is the Pointé"

Pointe In

Ministry Minister / Shepherd / Leader
Administration Shepherd Duane Johnson
Administrative Staff Sallie Lewis
Adult Life Dr. Rodney Dulin
Bridge Shalonda Dulin
Couples Duane & LaJoyce Johnson / Victor & Shay Cathey
Men at the Pointé Brian Davis/Marquis Fomby
Singles Angela R. Brown
Star Pointé Senior Saints Carrie Coy / Pamela Henderson
Woman-to-Woman Jaqueline Dulin / Shalonda Dulin
Generation Next Dr. Rodney Dulin
Generation Next Charlotte Lee
Assistant: Phillip Toliver
Special Events Ministry Dr. Rodney Dulin
Special Events Ministry Shalonda Dulin / Crystal Woodward