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Central Pointé Tribute – George P. Holt

George P. Holt was born May 14, 1923 in Rutherford County Tennessee to M. F. and Thelma Bowser Holt. He was educated in the public schools of Nashville and later at Bowser Christian Institute, a forerunner of Southwestern Christian College. As a young man he was mentored and trained for the ministry by his grandfather, G.P. Bowser, the founder of Southwestern Christian College and the Editor and Publisher of the Christian Echo Newspaper.

Brother Holt loved the gospel of Christ and was blessed to have been able to preach in almost every state of the United States, and in Jamaica, Bermuda, Alaska, and the Bahamas. He served as minister of the Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ in Indianapolis, Indiana for over thirty years, where he conducted a weekly radio program. He earlier served congregations in Toledo Ohio, Detroit, Michigan and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Brother Holt held the first Crusade for Christ in Chicago, Illinois, an effort which resulted in over one hundred baptisms. He spoke on many college lectureship programs and was honored by several Christian Colleges. He maintained a life long commitment to Southwestern Christian College, where he served on the Board of Directors. Brother Holt retired from full-time ministry in 1990, but continued to conduct between ten and twenty gospel meetings, yearly, while battling cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. After moving to Dallas in 1990, he assisted Brother Melvin Chappell at the Mountainview congregation and later placed his membership with the Central Pointe Congregation, where he worked closely with minister Reginald Dulin, whom he considered one of his sons in the ministry. In his honor, his family and the Central Pointe Congregation established the G.P.Holt Library-Conference Room.

Brother Holt was married to Olivia Busby Holt for almost sixty years and they were the parents of six children. Sister Holt resides in Dallas, Texas and attends the Central Pointe Congregation.