Welcome to Central Pointé Church of Christ

"Where Preaching, Power, Prayer & Praise is the Pointé"

Order of Service

  September 24, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: Praise Team Leader
Announcements: Deacon Marquis Fomby
Prayer: Donald Hollins
Communinion & Offering: Donald Hollins
Invitation: Deacon Marquis Fomby

  October 01, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: Minister Demarcco Owens
Announcements: Pastor Dulin
Prayer: Kevin Barnes
Communinion & Offering: Kevin Barnes
Invitation: Pastor Dulin & Dale Gibbs

  October 08, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: David Quins
Announcements: Pastor Dulin
Prayer: Marcus Collier
Communinion & Offering: Marcus Collier
Invitation: Pastor Dulin & Deacon Marquis Fomby

  October 15, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: Michah Broussard
Announcements: Pastor Dulin
Prayer: Ashton Harrington
Communinion & Offering: (Communion) Jace Williams (Offering) Nigel Davis
Invitation: Pastor Dulin & Roman Dulin

  October 22, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: Shepherd Chandler
Announcements: Pastor Dulin
Prayer: Clayton Dokes
Communinion & Offering: Clayton Dokes
Invitation: Pastor Dulin & Min. Demarcco Owens

  October 29, 2023

9:30 am

Opening Prayer: Shepherd Simmons
Announcements: Pastor Dulin
Prayer: Robert Holloway
Communinion & Offering: Robert Holloway
Invitation: Pastor Dulin & DJ Williams