Welcome to Central Pointé Church of Christ

"Where Preaching, Power, Prayer & Praise is the Pointé"


God has placed us here as a center for Christian renewal, penetrating the greater Dallas area with a transforming relationship with Jesus while renewing and transforming the lives of individuals, families and congregations in this region. Simply put, we want to become a body of believers who truly make a difference in the lives of our members, their families, their friends, this community, and throughout the world. We want such an atmosphere of welcome, community and belonging to characterize this body of believers that outsiders are drawn to want more — not just to learn more, but to be more involved and to understand more about our faith, joy and peace of mind.

Although we will never have all the answers, we will put the answers we do have into action. This action will be clothed in grace, compassion and a sincere desire for unity and peace. Unity in Christ will prevail over the diversity of gender, race, age, economic status, education level, or any other artificial barrier that would hinder God’s plan for this body of believers. We will be a family — authentic people with love and compassion for one another. We will remain so awestruck by our redemption that tradition, opinion and personal comfort will never get in the way of our true calling — to share the story, share the grace, share the salvation, and share the Christ.