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Horace Forte, III

Shepherd Horace Forté III is a native of Denton, Texas. He obeyed the gospel on his 13th birthday under the leadership of Brother Jonathan Baker at the Simmons Street Church of Christ. Horace is committed to reaching the masses through Multi-Media and Technology. He is currently the Ministry Leader of the Communications, Media and Technology Ministry (CMT Ministry). He believes that it is important to spread the good news of Christ through the ever changing world of technology. He is passionate about leaving the Lords’ work in this capacity, in capable hands and encourages young people to be a part of this ministry. He works diligently to ensure their talents behind the scenes help to promote the message of our Savior.

In the early years, he worked on the Youth Ministry and still assists from time to time. Bro. Forté is presently involved with the Men’s Ministry, Health Ministry where he promotes good mental and physical health as well as the Couples Ministry, where he enjoys spending time with fellow Christian couples. He believes that Strong families, however they are put together, build strong churches, which in turn, build strong communities that positively promote the cause of Christ. Recently, he has committed himself to becoming involved in finding a cure for diabetes, awareness for heart disease, bipolar disorder, prostate screening and promoting men’s health.

Bro. Forté holds a bachelor’s of Science in Engineering - Industrial Technology with an Emphasis in Design Graphics from Texas A&M University, Commerce Texas, formerly known as East Texas State University. He also holds an A.S. in Architecture from Southwestern Christian College.

Horace is married to Chatrina and they are raising two young men, the oldest, James Lawrence is a member of the Praise Team and a youngster who enjoys praise and worship. Chatrina currently works with the Youth and Women’s Conference Committees. She is the Ministry Leader for Southwestern Christian College Ministry.

The Forte’s enjoy spending time together as a family and helping others.